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FB Informatik
TU Braunschweig

How to reach us


Software Systems Engineering Institute
Braunschweig University of Technology
Mühlenpfordtstr. 23, 3. OG
D-38106 Braunschweig

By Public Transportation

From Hannover Airport you have to pick train line S5 to Hannover Hauptbahnhof. At Hannover Hauptbahnhof there are several trains to Braunschweig. Approx. 45 minutes ride.

From Frankfurt Airport you have to change train at Frankfurt main station (Hauptbahnhof). Approx. 3 hours ride.

Train schedules can be found using the web site of Deutsche Bahn. Queries in english can be made here.

From Braunschweig Hauptbahnhof you can proceed by tram line 4 heading Wenden, leaving at tram stop Mühlenpfordtstraße right next to the Computer Science Building. Alternatively a Taxi from Haupfbahnhof to Mühlenpfortstr. 23 takes 10 minutes (about 10 EUR)

Wege von Haltestellen zum Informatikzentrum

By Car

Approaching from south on highway A7 you have to switch to highway A39 heading Salzgitter. Near Braunschweig you switch to A391 and follow the signs heading Exit Hamburger Straße.

Approaching from other directions you should reach Braunschweig on highway 2 and switch at highway crossing Braunschweig Nord to highway A391 heading Kassel (south). Then you have to follow the signs heading Exit Hamburger Straße.

Leaving the highway at Exit Hambuger Straße you have to turn right onto Hambuger Straße heading downtown (Stadtmitte). After approx. 600 meters at a huge crossing you have to turn left and at the next crossing right, still heading downtown. Proceeding just 200 meters you'll see the Computer Science Building at the left side. Parking facilities are quite limited in this area and there are some oneway streets so that it could take some time to find a parking lot nearby.

At the Computer Science Building

The main entrance of the Computer Science Building is at the south west corner of the old tower block. The Institute of Software Systems Engineering is located on floor 3.

Accomodation and Further Information

You can find further information on Braunschweig, including an online city map, further transportation information and a hotel list at the city's web site .